Workers' Voice 11

Improving the WWF's grievance reporting system

In 2017, B4Development partnered with the Workers' Welfare Forum (WWF) for two behavioral interventions aimed at improving the program's grievance reporting system. The interventions were designed to encourage WWF on-site workers report their grievances more often, and their elected representatives capture their concerns more clearly and concisely.

In its first intervention, B4D distributed behaviorally informed notebooks for a treatment group of WWF representatives, which resulted in an uptick of 31% in average number of grievances reported by workers. B4D’s second intervention, consisting of salient, multi-lingual leaflets and posters that were dispatched in select accommodation sites, also led to a 40%-plus increase in the number of complaints per worker in the treatment group, compared to the control group. Both notebooks and leaflets detailed six grievance categories that workers and representatives could report and offered room for qualitative feedback.  The nudges contributed to a 114% increase in grievances reported per worker among small forums, and an 83% increase among big forums


Increasing PE teachers' participation in GA program

In 2016, B4D partnered with Generation Amazing for a behavioral intervention aimed at increasing participation in the legacy program among schools and PE teachers in Qatar.  Schools and teachers were randomly assigned under either a control or treatment group. The control group received GA’s standard email. The treatment group received a behaviorally informed email, which personalized the messaging and focused on reciprocity, feedback, loss aversion and salient information tactics. The intervention led to a 33% increase in program participation for PE teachers in the treatment group compared to the control group.

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