B4D with researchers from LSE and C22 on entrepreneurship


Improving the effectiveness of entrepreneurship training

B4D collaborated with a researcher from the London School of Economics (LSE) and Challenge 22 for an experiment aimed improving capacity building and learning outcomes for entrepreneurs. The randomized controlled trial allocated C22 non-finalist teams to either control (23 teams, 33 participants) or treatment (22 teams, 35 participants) behavioral science workshops co-designed and co-delivered by B4D and LSE. The treatment ‘surprised’ participants with seven mental recall exercises throughout the lecture, testing the impact of these exercises on their information retention levels. Both control and treatment workshops were identical in all other aspects to minimize the impact of confounding factors on the effectiveness of the nudge. Participants in both groups took the same quiz at the end of the lecture. The trial proved that the retrieval practice is a powerful tool to improve learning. The intervention helped participants remember test material and encouraged them to focus on non-test learning outcomes, deepening their understanding of behavioral science.