B4Development Foundation (B4D) is the MENA region’s first behavioral insights and nudge unit.

Founded in 2016 by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy – the entity tasked with the 2022 FIFA World Cup infrastructure, legacy and preparatory works –as the Qatar Behavioral Insights Unit (QBIU), B4D was officially incorporated as a foundation under the Qatar Financial Centre in 2019. This incorporation has broadened its global mandate to promote and replicate its nudge work and model around the world.

Leveraging behavioral insights (BI), B4D promotes evidence-based policies to address challenges with behavioral roots. Through rigorous experimentation, the foundation works with partner policymakers, organizations and individuals to make a change, one nudge at a time; a legacy built on behavioral  interventions that guide people’s everyday decision-making toward greater social impact, inclusive growth and good governance.

Since its establishment in 2016, B4D has evolved its mission, vision and role. Today, the foundation spearheads, builds and designs programs and initiatives for capacity building, knowledge exchange and research dissemination. In collaboration with worldwide counterparts and partners, B4D has also been lending technical assistance and advisory support on the setup of nudge and BI units in academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world.

Our vision and mission

Our vision

To be a global leader in the application of behavioral science to policy experimentation and sustainable development

Our mission

Using insights from behavioral science research and methods to address policy challenges and drive social impact at scale

Our evolution












B4Development is officially founded as the Qatar Behavioral Insights Unit

B4Development moderates and partakes in key sessions on health innovation at WISH

B4D partners with the SC’s Workers’ Welfare Forum to improve its grievance reporting system

B4D launches behavioral science course with Hamad Bin Khalifa University

B4D takes center stage in its first global event participation at WISE

B4D co-designs and delivers behavioral economics course with the American University of Kuwait

B4Development launches BX Arabia in partnership with Nudge Lebanon

B4D conducts capacity building workshops with Qatar Foundation

B4D and the Lahore School of Economics hold Symposium for Behavioral Economics in Policymaking 

B4D partakes in UNITAR panel for PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism) in New York

B4D is officially incorporated as a foundation under the Qatar Financial Center

Our Approach

Our Story

Our values


Science that brings forth insight and foresight commands a curious spirit. We ask the right questions to unravel complex behavioral truths and answer critical policy challenges


In driving impact at scale, no one can go it alone. Our future is built on our power collective of partner policymakers, businesses and people


Breaking new ground takes years of trial and error. We believe that that patience and persistence are key to ensuring that both successes and failures bear fruit for the future